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Bar & Catering Equipment

Pub Giant offers a selection of Bar & Catering Equipment for hire.

Pub Giant offers a range of bar and catering equipment hire for premises throughout Scotland.  We work with each establishment to ensure you have the suitable equipment for your premises, whether it be an ice maker or a glass washer, we’re here to fulfill all the needs of your pub or bar. 

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Bar Catering Equipment
  • Under Counter Bullet Ice Maker 50 Kg

  • Under Counter Ice Machine 20Kg

  • Under Counter Hydrocarbon Ice Machine 30Kg

  • Ice Machine 75Kg

  • Free Standing Ice Flaker 160Kg

  • Free Standing Hydrocarbon Ice Machine 210Kg

  • Elevation Modular Ice Machine 209Kg

  • 360 Ice Crusher Machine 144Kg

  • Glasswasher 800-1000 Glasses/Hour 350Mm

  • Glasswasher 500Mm

  • Glasswasher 400Mm

  • Glasswasher 350Mm

  • Easy Glasswasher 350Mm

  • Commercial Glasswasher 1000-1200 Glasses/Hour 400Mm

  • High Power Pass Through Dishwasher

  • Commercial Dishwashers 500Mm

  • Commercial Dishwasher 540 Plates/Hour 500Mm Basket

  • Commercial Dishwasher 540 Plates/Hour 500Mm

  • Commercial Dishwasher 500Mm

  • Commercial Dishwasher 400Mm

  • Upright Double Sliding Door Bottle Cooler

  • Upright Double Hinged Door Bottle Cooler

  • Bottle Cooler Stainless Steel 3 Door 340 Litre Hinged

  • Bottle Cooler Beer Fridge Hinged 3 Door 330 Litre

  • Bottle Cooler Beer Fridge 3 Door 330 Litre Sliding

  • Bottle Cooler Beer Fridge 2 Door 208 Litre Sliding

  • Bottle Cooler – Hinged 208 Litre 2 Door

  • Back Bar Bottle Cooler Beer Fridge Tall Upright 361 Litre

  • Back Bar Bottle Cooler Beer Fridge Single Door 142 Litre

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